USS Snook Trivia

Jeff LaCroix (TM3(SS) 11/80 - 11/83) has asked the following trivia questions in search of some answers. If you know the answer(s) please contact Jeff and/or the Snook webmaster. If you have your own trivia question (with or without answers) you can also contact the webmaster and your trivia will gladly be added to this page.

1. If a Skipjack class is running on a fully charged battery, what's the max speed she can go and for how long?

2. What was the nickname of our diesel? Was it Clyde?

3. Do you know the electronic device (receiver) we used for ship to ship communications other than the underwater telephone?

            Does the term "white rat" help any at all??? ......Joseph E. Silvers, CTI1{SS}, assigned TAD to USS Snook {SSN-592}
            during her Mediterranean Sea cruise in the early 1980's...I can't describe it at all but I do remember it as being a link between
            the sonar and radio spaces so we could hear and understand UQC transmissions {theirs, not ours, usually}.