Rick Cline has written a new book on the USS Snook (SS-279) titled "Final Dive." Nearly two years in the making, the 238 page book has 17 historic photographs and includes a brief bio on the last USS Snook (SSN-592). Information on the book can be found at

If you had a loved one who served aboard the USS Snook (SS279) when she was lost, or before, please contact Bob Pettengill at .

For more information on the USS Snook SS279, refer to the Main Page or Decommissioning Ceremonies Page on this web site. For a more detailed history click here - Detailed History.

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These photos were submitted by Dave Pochedley whose Great Uncle, Isadore Lunken, served aboard the USS Snook SS279 as a MM2 when all hands were presumed lost on 5 May, 1945.

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These photos of George C. Olson were submitted by his niece, Marianne Light. Marianne writes that her uncle served and died on USS Snook SS279 as an S1. She has all the letters he sent home during the war. In some of his last letters he writes about how "swell" his new boat (Snook) is and about the great crew. George joined the USN in November of 1943 - he was nineteen.  He was not drafted - he volunteered. He loved the ocean and he loved the Navy.  He, like all submariners, volunteered for the most dangerous duty.

The USS Snook was his first submarine.  He was lost on his first patrol.  He was 20 years old.

He had studied in submarine school to be a torpedoman.  When a torpedoman was let off the Snook in Guam ( page 186 & 187 of "The Final Dive") someone needed to take his place.  George and his friend Roland Petret flipped a coin to see who would get the spot.  George won.  I know this story is correct because Rolland Petret visited my Grandmother and Mother after the war and told the story to them.

Our family is proud of his and all submariners extreme bravery and service to our county.

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These photos of Victor Gregorini BKR2 were submitted by his nephew, also named Victor Gregorini. Vic has a great web site worth checking out by clicking the link below.

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This is a picture of Ben A. Branum Jr, son of Eula Jean Davenport Branum and Ben A. Branum Sr, Brother of M.W (Buddy) Branum. Ben was born in Childress Tx


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