1999 Snook Reunion
Reno, NV

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If you attended the reunion and would like to submit stories or pictures, contact Bob Pettengill at kb5rex@gmail.com to submit your information.

At the 1999 USSVI convention in Reno a group of ex-crewmembers of the USS Snook got together for lunch followed by a brief business meeting. During this meeting it was decided that we would forego the Atlantic City year 2000 convention and have our next Snook reunion in Peoria, Illinois in 2001. A committee was formed to investigate the various possibilities available to us and a collection was taken to help defray postage and other miscellaneous expenses that will certainly occur during this effort. I was selected (?) as treasurer and currently the reunion fund contains $275.00. Contributions to the fund are certainly welcome, as I know Bob Spide and other committee members are going to be sending out newsletters to all known Snook crew members between now and reunion time. Postage is high and there are certain to be other expenses in setting this up.
So if you wish to contribute, please send your contribution to:

Jack Hester
PO Box 335
Chaptico, MD 20621

Reunion Comments

Ken Hartung

I had a blast with all the OLD shipmates and am glad that I decided to attend. Although I will not be attending 2000 functions I am looking forward to 2001 in Illinois. My thanks to all for the huge effort it took to make this old fat boy once again proud.

Snook Reunion
Reno - 1999
Submitted by Bob "Spider" Spide

James Dunnivan Plankowner
Ken Hartung 63 - 65
Jack Hester Plankowner
Arthur "Dutch" Kneuer Plankowner & Chief of the Boat
Emile Lallement 64 - 68
Harry Landers Plankowner
Paul Lary 63 - 65
Jerry Medeiros 62 - 67
Connie Moore Plankowner
Rocky Paulson  
Michael Rossi 65 -69, 71-72 LCDR
Marshall Dale "Smitty" Smith Plankowner
Bob "Spider" Spide Plankowner
Robert "Wons" Wonsley Plankowner

And several wives and guests whose names I can't recall.

My apologies if I missed anyone. Approximately 150 invitations letters were sent out utilizing the August 26 updated Sailing List. Of those, 17 were returned for insufficient address or expired forwarding instructions. Our Webmaster is working hard to try to find new addresses for these Shipmates. If you know of any Shipmate not on the Sailing List or any change of address, please notify Bob Pettengill .

Since Shipmates arrived on various schedules, a Lunch (Brunch) was scheduled for Friday, 24 September 1999 at the Island Buffet in the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada, coinciding with the United States Submarine Veterans (SubVets), Inc. Annual Convention. The attendees and many of their wives and guests were present. Everyone had their choice of an enormous selection of beverages, entrees and desserts at a very reasonable price especially for the Plankowners present (Senior rate discounts). Hopefully, all had a delicious meal and enjoyed the many sea stories being told. Hearing no complaints, I assume everything went well. Several pictures were taken and hopefully many will be sent to Bob for inclusion on the Web Page.

A meeting of attendees was scheduled and held outside in the Pool area of the Peppermill. A brief introduction was given by Spider, followed by a moment of silence for our Shipmates on Final Patrol. Each attendee then arose in turn and presented his personal biographical history. An extremely wide and interesting variation of duty stations, Navy experiences, education, employment, home of residence and present activity were introduced. Each speaker held everyone's attention and it was truly amazing the talent and experience that these former Snook Submariners possess. Applause followed each presentation.

The topic next turned to conducting business matters concerning followup reunions, formation of a reunion committee and treasury and treasurer. Volunteers were requested with the following results.

Reunion Committee
Bob Spide
Harry Landers
Connie Moore

Jack Hester
P.O. Box 335
Chaptico, MD  20621

However, anyone who wishes to volunteer to take part in the committee or assist in any way to enhance our activities are truly welcome. Submit name and desires to Spider or our webmaster.

Next Reunion
Suggestions for the next reunion were brought up to the attendees and it was voted that the next reunion would be held to coincide with the Sub Vet Convention in  Peoria, Ilinois in the year 2001. More details will be presented as the information on the Convention is received.

In as much as a Treasury has not been previously established, out of pocket expenses were utilized to purchase ball caps, artist prints, envelopes and postage. In order to establish a fund to cover these expenses, donations were asked for and received. Our Volunteer Treasurer has placed these funds in the Snook Treasury for past and future expenditures. Additionally, profits from the sale of ball caps and prints will be placed in the Treasury. All donations from those who could not attend this reunion will be greatly appreciated. Please mail them direct to Jack Hester with a note of explanation and they will be duly recognized. His address is above. Also, anyone desiring a ball cap or a print depicting Snook I and Snook II please contact Spider.

As many attendees had plans, the meeting was adjourned and a group picture was taken. Those that remained at the Convention retired to the Sub Vets Hospitality Room for refreshments and more tales of daring, heroism, liberty excursions and BTDT (been there done that).

"Down Scope" for now