2011 Snook Reunion Notes and Pictures
Wilmington, NC

 (L-R): Phil Kraus, ADM Bruce Demars, David Percy, Bob Pettengill, Jeff Stober, Charles Dauphin,
Paul Lary, 
Harry Landers, Ted Hussey, RADM Clarke Orzalli, Pete Kuykendall
Not Pictured: Michael Keane
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If you attended the reunion and would like to submit stories or pictures, contact Bob Pettengill at kb5rex@gmail.com to submit your information.

The 2011 50th Anniversary Snook reunion in Wilmington, NC was a great success. Many thanks to Phil and Maria Kraus for their tireless efforts in setting up a fine gathering place. 12 Snook shipmates were in attendance, many with their wife or friend (see list below). On Monday evening we had a Welcome Aboard gathering with fine food and drinks that gave all in attendance a chance to reunite, take a few pictures, and share many a sea story. The Hospitality Room was available throughout the week and provided an opportunity for more visiting and was stocked with snacks and drinks.

Tuesday and Wednesday were open days where folks could come and go and many took in the sights in the Wilmington area. There was Fort Fisher, the NC Aquarium, USS North Carolina battleship, a river cruise on the Henrietta, trolley rides, a train museum, and of course the fabulous beaches on the Atlantic coast, just to mention a few of the things to do in and around Wilmington. In spite of a few rain showers that were around a few days I believe all of us had a great time. Thursday morning the second meeting of the newly formed USS Snook Association was held with all present either renewing their dues or joining for the first time. For more info on the USS Snook Association follow this link.

The Thursday evening banquet started with wine tasting and visiting followed by our host, Phil Kraus telling a few stories of his time on Snook before he introduced our guest speaker, ADM Bruce Demars. ADM Demars shared a few stories of his time served on Snook and how it played a key role during the cold war of the 60's and 70's. RADM Clarke Orzalli also gave a short talk about his time spent on Snook. RADM Orzalli is one of a few Snook sailors still active Navy.

Six attending wives were recognized as "Snook Wives" by Bob Pettengill. A Snook wife means she was married to a Snook sailor during his time served on Snook and gave support and encouragement throughout the tour of duty. The six recognized were: Margaret Demars, Nancy Hussey, LaVonne Landers, Sandra Percy, Diana Pettengill, and Lou Stober.

The evening was brought to a close with the Pledge of Allegiance and the tolling of the bell to recognize the 52 lost subs of WWII and the others lost during peace time. Ted Hussey, newly appointed Chaplin for the USS Snook Association, read each boat's name and date lost.

In Attendance

Charles Dauphin Anita EN1(SS) 61-64
Bruce Demars Margaret LT (ADM)
Ted Hussey Nancy CDR (CO) 69-72
Michael Keane ET3(SS) 59-62
Phil Kraus Maria STS2(SS) 64-66
Pete Kuykendall Karen Marx RD2(SS) 60-64
Harry Landers LaVonne ET1(SS) 60-62
Paul Lary Sharon Lazaruk MM3(SS) 63-65
John Clarke Orzalli LT (RADM) 80-83
David Percy Sandra MM1(SS) 61-64
Bob Pettengill Diana ETR2(SS) 72-76
Jeffry Stober Lou ETC(SS) 74-78