Info on Avery K. (Ken) Loposer, Captain, USN (Ret)
CO Snook from 8/66 - 8/69

I relieved James D. Watkins, who eventually became CNO, and later, Secretary of Energy. My first DivCom was William J. Crowe, who later became Chairman of the JCS, and then Ambassador to Great Britain. Other
DivComs during my command tour were Captain H. Reid Hunter, and also RADM Ralph Ghormley, both of whom were commanders at the time. My first XO was Roland (Buster) Bilyeu, later CO of Swordfish, and my second XO was Leo Wright, who had a command tour, and later was CO SubBase Pearl. My first Operations Officer was then Lcdr Bruce Demars, who ultimately became NAVSEA 08, ADM Rickover's old job, twice removed, with four stars. We had quite a crew, also - real professionals. Pretty good softball players, too. I relieved in WestPac (Sasebo), and immediately left on a spec op. In March of 1967, being then back in San Diego, we left for a 14 month overhaul and refueling at PSNS in Bremerton. Then back to San Diego, and
a workup for another WestPac run. I made the first of two spec ops on that deployment, then was relieved by Cdr Ted Hussey in Subic Bay in August of 1969. Quite a tour. I went immediately back to Bremerton and
took command of USS John Adams (Gold), just coming out of overhaul. I spent three years on Adams, made PSA and 5 Polaris patrols, got my fourth stripe, and was sent to DC for four years, my penance for those six great years in command. My last tour was back in Bremerton again, where I was the first CO of the new Trident Training Facility from 1976 to 1979. That's when a heart problem caught up with me and I was medically