If you have any questions or comments you would like to pass along to fellow Snook shipmates, this is the place. Pass your comments along to Bob Pettengill at kb5rex@gmail.com.

My name is George Hubbard EMCM ( SS ) Ret. I am doing research on the loss of Scorpion. Your website has been invaluable to my research !!!  Most appreciated !!! I need very badly to know the physical location of each of the 126 cells in the battery well. There is a drawing with the electrical bus work layout in TAB 3. Does anyone have one ? Any method to obtain this info would be much appreciated !!!

From Ray Yeaple - I am looking for a Zippo lighter from when I was on the USS Snook.  I was on the decom crew and there were lighters made that said DECM CREW on them.  I had one but lost it somewhere over the years and would really like to replace it.  Does anyone have one they can part with please?  I started collecting sub zippo lighters looking for just that lighter and after buying way too many, I still don't have the one I was originally looking for.  Please let me know if you can help. 

From Ed Firth - Does anyone know what happened to LT Bob Layton, as I used to room with him in Mare Island?  

From Bill Hobbs - Anyone have any info on Donald Chancey - MM3/SS fwd A Ganger? Also any info on Mark Hathaway?

From David Fletcher - I was part of the original crew (TM1 SS) and trying to locate HM1 Floyd E. Bennett, Plank owner that made officer 1962 timeframe. Any information will be appreciated.

From Dan Burkett - Does anyone know the whereabouts of Fred (GRISLY) Clark?  He was my Chief (ETC SS) in the early 70's.
From Chuck Edmonson -  I located John A. Healy, I know he moved to Washington state, but I lost his email address. Please write back.
From Kathi Kaufman  Do you know anything about Earl J Reed who was on the USS Snook in the 70's?
I am trying to find out if he was also known by a stage name of Chuck Gibson when he played at Hollywood On The Pike in Long Beach CA. in the 70's?
From Ed DaSilva - Does anyone know the whereabouts of John Palmer? He reported aboard in Mare Island in 1980 assigned to Radio. I know he was still aboard in 1982 when Snook was homeported in New London.
From Donald Brown - I would like to pose a question to anyone on board when we went into overhaul at Mare Island. Does anyone remember the name of the two people we lost in a plane crash in San Diego on October 14, 1978?
From Jeff LaCroix - What was the name of the communications circuit used for the sound powered phones. Was it the 21 MC?
From Bob Harmer - Just wondering if anyone remembers a Torpedoman we used to call "BoxHead" in 1976 - 1980 time frame? His name was Nichols but I don't remember a first name.
I am Richard (Doc) Munk.  I was part of the decommissioning crew of the USS ARCHERFISH (AGSS 311).  I am hosting our upcoming reunion in October of this year.

Most of us have seen the periscope view of the Archerfish being hit by one of your torpedoes.  The most common feeling among the crew members is that of sadness at seeing the actual demise of our boat.  Are you aware of any
photos taken immediately before A-fish was hit by your fish?  I would like to have a periscope view of an undamaged Archerfish to be used at our reunion.  Most likely it will be included in our photo albums and quite possibly on the web site.

Any help in locating such a photograph would be greatly appreciated

Doc Munk
So. Lake Tahoe, Calif..

Jimmie Dixon IC2(SS) (79-82) has the following request:

Edward Springfield QM2 (SS) was on board Snook from approximately 1978 to 1982 was a good friend and room mate but I have since lost touch with him. The last known where abouts was Parma, Ohio. I would like to make contact if anybody knows where he is. Ironically Paul Edwards is another lost QM (SS)  Snook crew member again last known where abouts was Parma Ohio. He is Edward's brother- in- law. Thanks for any help you can provide
Jimmie Dixon IC2 (SS)
[Webmaster note: If anyone does know the whereabouts of these two shipmates, let me also know at mrfax@flash.net]

Steve Craig has the following request:

I came across your website while looking for information about the subs my dad served on. I believe he was a part of the original crew that took the Snook from Mississippi  to San Diego. Is there any way that your web site can get me in touch with anybody who knew my dad? He died of cancer in 1992 and I would like to find out more about this part of his life. His name was David E. Craig. [Webmaster note: If you sailed with Steve's dad, David, send Steve an email by clicking on his name above.]

David Grodt MS2(SS) from the USS Seawolf SSN21 has a request:

I am an active duty submariner stationed aboard USS Seawolf SSN-21. I started 10 years ago collecting submarine patches. I would walk up to the boats and ask for the Rec. Comm guy and buy a ships patch...well that was easy till I got addicted. Now a few years later I have over 200 original submarine patches, from the 40's to 2000. Out of all my patches I still dont have a USS Snook--sure Ive seen lots of reproductions but I'm looking for an original from the boat. Can anyone help? Thanks for your time....
D. Grodt MS2(SS)
USS Seawolf SSN-21

Chuck  Edmonson asks the following question:

Does anyone know the location or a way to contact FTG2(SS) John Healy? If you know how, pass my email on to him, please. Chuck Edmonson RM1(SS) ka1miact@aol.com

Gervase Rybak submitted the following:

    As it has been over twenty-five years since my time on the Snook, I have been thinking about the times and fellow shipmates. Over the years, every now and then, something will hit a note in the old brain and trigger a thought of a shipmate. It could be a smell, a noise, or someone in the distance that reminds me of the times past. With the coming of the computer age, the distance between people has closed tremendously. In today's world, you can send a letter via e-mail, to someone across the world in a matter of seconds! No longer the long wait of the manual mail system. Over the last several months, I have had the honor to correspond with some of the people I served with on the Snook. It has been great to hear from them, how they are doing, and what has been going on in their life.
    It is funny how we retain images from the past. I think the most amusing thing is to see a photo of someone today. We tend to keep the image of what a person looked like when we knew them in the past. When you receive a photo from someone, you are surprised because they do not look like the same person! We forget that we all grow old and change with time.
    As you go thru the Snook web page, look at the "sailing list" and see the names of old friends. Don't let an opportunity go by to get in touch with a shipmate. It will be a pleasant surprise. You will find yourself laughing and joking like it was only yesterday.

Regards to all,
Gervase Rybak (mm3 SS 70-73)

Rick Barr submitted the following:

I know the first verse of this tune. Does Anybody remember the others?
(Sung to the tune of Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin)

Oh Lord won't you buy me a new submarine.

I've had it with this one I'm ready to scream.

Cause bouncin off mountain's not my favorite dream.

Oh Lord won't you buy me a new submarine.

Oh Lord won't you buy me a new Engineer ?????

Oh Lord won't you buy me a brand new XO ?????

Just something that rolls around in my head once in a while.

Ken Gordert has the following request:

Dear Shipmate,

I was wondering if you might be able to help a fellow submariner out? I am a retired RMC/SS.  I was stationed on the USS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, USS BIRMINGHAM, and USS HONOLULU.  I collect submarine related cigarette lighters (zippo or zippo types with the subs emblem on them, i.e. VULCAN, PENGUIN, ACE, etc.). I have over 200 different      boat lighters right now and it is getting harder to come across some of the remaining boats.  Would you happen to have any extra submarine lighters laying around from your time on the boats that you wouldn't mind parting with?  I am by no means rich but I'd be willing to give you a fair and reasonable price for any that you would want to sell. I also have a few duplicates that I could possibly trade if that's to your liking (mostly newer boats).  Even if you can't help me directly, I would appreciate it if you could point me in a direction where I could find some submarine lighters (i.e. dealers, retired submariners, stores, etc.).  I already know about ebay, but that is a little bit pricey for what I am trying to accomplish. My plan is to donate (on loan) my collection to the Navy Museum at the Navy Yard in Washington DC for the U.S. Submarine Force 100th Anniversary exhibit (temporary 2-3 years) and then leave the collection to one of the submarine museums when I am gone.  I am trying to get as many different boats as possible before the February/March, 2000 time frame.  I believe the exhibit is due to go on display in April of 2000.  I have already offered both my submarine insignia collection (over 350) and my lighter collection (over 200     different boats) but as of yet haven't heard back whether they will use them.  I have a long way to go before I get all the boats possible and I could sure use a tech assist.  Collecting the lighters has pretty much become a passion and I am running out of sources.  Any  help would be greatly appreciated. I am not trying to promote smoking.  No way, it's a nasty habit.  I believe these lighters represent history and mean a lot to the men who served on the boats.  I know they mean a lot to me.  They bring back memories of hard times, good times, friendships, shipmates, etc.  In a nutshell they represent U.S. Submarines and the men who served on them.  Please don't let these icons of the submarine force and your memories end up in a garage sale.  I promise that they will end up in a place where others can enjoy them for years to come.  Thanks.

     Ken "Dert" Gordert, RMC/SS, Ret.
     2012 Monitor Drive
     Stafford, VA  22554

     703-553-7381 (work)
     703-657-2135 (home)