The following drawings were taken from
Training Aid Book - Volume 1
Piping System
April 1975

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Compartments and Access Perspective (Aft) Compartments and Access Perspective (Forward)
Arrangement of Tanks (Aft) Arrangement of Tanks (Forward)

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Compartment And Access
MBT No. 1 Arrangement And Piping
MBT Flooding And Venting
MBT Vent Valve And Flood Cover Operation
High Pressure Air System Air-Conditioning Chilled Water System
Norm and Emer MBT High Pressure Blow System Air-Conditioning Control Air System
Remotely Controlled High-Pressure MBT And Negative Tank Blow Stop Valve Refrigeration System
Remotely Controlled High-Pressure Air Bank Stop Valve CO2 Removal
Negative Tank - Blow, Vent, & Flood Main Oxygen System
Service Air System Atmosphere Analyzing System And Fuel Oil Blow, Vent, And Test System
MBT Low-Pressure Blow System Forward & After Escape Trunks
Salvage Air System Trash Ejector, After Signal Ejector, Messenger Buoy
Snorkel System Trim & Drain System
Ventilation System 8000 - GPD Distilling System
Ventilation System 2000 - GPD Distilling System And ECM/DF Mast Vacuum And Nitrogen Purging System
Ventilation System - Aft Potable Water & Plumbing System
Ventilation System - Fwd Fuel Oil And Compensating Water System and Depth Gage Piping
Air-Conditioning Refrigerant-12 System Battery Electrolyte Agitation System


Hydraulic System Power Plant Periscopes And Antenna Hydraulic Operation
Main & Vital Hydraulic System Periscope No. 2 Fairing Hoist Selector And Control Unit
External Hydraulic System Snorkel Induction And Exhaust Mast Hydraulic Operation
Steering & Diving Station Windlass & Capstans - Hydraulic Operation
Steering Hydraulic System Inboard And Outboard Induction Valves
Stern Planes Hydraulic System Inboard And Outboard Ventilation Exhaust Valves
Fairwater Planes Hydraulic System Inboard And Outboard Engine Snorkel Exhaust Valves
Hydraulic Operating Mechanism, Trim System 
Main Snorkel Exhaust Valve Hydraulic Operation
Discharge Valve, And Hydraulic Accumulator Contents Indicator